Willow Creek Farm is a sustainable, farm-to-table venue providing a one of a kind experience for weddings, retreats and special events of all occasions.


Farm to Table

Willow Creek Farm has been partnering with downtown Champaign restaurant V.Picasso since it opened in 2015. Providing over 75% of the food served at V.Picasso, Willow Creek Farm has played a significant role in the community’s Farm-to- Table scene and is now bringing a unique On-the- Farm experience to the community as well.

Willow Creek Farms is located about 2 miles outside of Urbana proper and lies on 37 acres of gently sloping land amid a smattering of areas homes and abundant farmland. It’s a working farm: cows, chickens, goats, horses, and sheep range in rotational pastures feeding openly on the healthy alfalfa and hay that Illinois’ soils provide. A small greenhouse and garden area grow seasonal fruits and vegetables for the restaurant’s use. Bees pollinate area crops and provide natural, nutritional honey. Willow Creek is fully licensed: with an Illinois egg broker license, and through both Illinois and the USDA for meat production. 

Willow Creek Farm is thrilled to be able to add to the Central Illinois farming heritage and linking the community to our On-the- Farm opportunities.